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privacy-related issues for our site followers are one of the main principles of

as, we intend to state our privacy policy in a structure that is transparent and that every internet user can understand. On this page of business, you will find information about the privacy principles of website where you can access the links in the situs, has privacy principles that allow and bind to their own institutions. The privacy policy on this page does not apply to the respective recommends that you read the privacy policies of each site you log in to and investigate what data is being received about you.

If you have a question about our privacy policy, please contact us by email [email protected].

information received from visitors and their use of this information does not require any membership requirements or the user to share their private information. We may analyze the following information in order to provide the services we provide.

Registration data information: 9when you take advantage of, your browser (browser) the data you send when you visit any internet service is recorded through our hosting servers.browser language from the data sent by your internet browser (browser), the browser (browser) type may contain data such as your internet protocol number (i.e., IP number), information you request from our server, historical information of your request.

Your requests for contact: 9forms on the website or you want to contact us via e-mail, the data you have sent or the e-mail content you have sent and the address information you have sent, such as, To respond to your request to contact or to look at our services again, our server can be saved and storage.

Connected websites: does not have any responsibility for the content of the websites to which it links, and privacy policies do not concern the websites to which it links. We encourage you to take a look at the privacy principles of all the websites you have visited. collects data about silvery visitors from linked websites and can generate information from such data. The information collected consists of the information sent by your browser (browser).

Cookie, advertising and third party(third parties) may analyze your cookie (i.e., cookie) data to provide you with a better service during navigation on our website. The data transmitted by your browser (i.e., cookie) and your personnel options may be taken as information.

during your navigation of the website, you can see ads from third parties presented in During the publication of these advertisements in, third parties can place cookies with your web browser and read this information, and use web beacons (pointers) to collect data. If you want your browser not to allow cookies, you can prevent it by setting the browser setup accordingly. You can set your browser to all cookies by not accepting cookies that some websites may write or by asking for your consent in this cookie writing attempt.. If you do not have the ability to set cookies in your browser, you are deemed to have accepted the browser's settings as you can use them.

If your browser is set to accept every cookie, you have made the process of allowing 9sac.comun or my third party contacts to have cookies on your computer. If you choose not to allow cookies, it is possible to experience a number of difficulties with use on or other websites. These difficulties, on the other hand, may include some difficulties that cover but are not limited to some websites such as user name and password, inability to login to users and keeping a history of your access to the site.

Data Security takes a number of measures for the physical and soft-copy security of the information contained in its hosting servers.


The privacy policies we are reading on this privacy page may change over time according to international internet boards. By visiting this page once in a while, it is possible to learn the current status of the privacy principles.

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