Our Publication Principles

The main function in Internet Reporting, without finding and breaking the facts, without exaggeration and under the influence of no pressure, as soon as possible and with the full knowledge that can be acquired to convey to the public. No one in the broadcasts race, gender, social level or relationship, religious beliefs or physical defects it cannot be humiliated or condemned. Limiting freedom of thought, conscience and expression; general understanding of morality, and, there can be no publication that shakes the feelings of religion, the basic foundations of the family institution. Their people and organizations are beyond the boundaries of criticism humiliating, humiliating or slanderous nicknames and expressions cannot be used. No one can be determined by the judgment that he is guilty of “succlu” unannounceable. The news whose investigation is within the reporting facilities shall not be investigated and without indicating what result is obtained from it and / or without being sure of its accuracy unpublishable. Unless it is of public benefit, like using a hidden camera, secretly recording sound, entering private property without permission it could be an attack on personality rights news cannot be produced by methods. Always balanced in the research, preparation and publication of news, truth-bound and be treated objectively condition. In the published news the opinion of the accused party space is given. The fact that the person concerned does not respond or is not reached is stated in the same news. In the published quotations of the person incomprehensible or be in a ridiculous situation why will it no summaries and changes are made. In the published excerpts weldinganddate clearly stated. All public opinion surveys, the name of the organization conducting the research, who requested and funded it, history and number of people interviewed and research method clearly state published. Encouraging or provoking violence and bullying, their children are negatively impressive, hate in individuals, communities and internationally hostility is avoided to make blinding broadcasts. Originating from false publications answerandtekzip right it is respected, it is done. 9sac.com for the purpose of correcting his mistake, creates mechanisms that are regularly activated.