What is Silver Shampoo? Who Should Use? Incredible Impacts!

  • 07 September 2023
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What is Silver Shampoo? Who Should Use? Incredible Impacts!

What is Silver Shampoo? Who Should Use? Incredible Impacts!

What is silver shampoo? How is it used? Who should use purple shampoo? How does orangeization and dore destroy color residues? Incredible effects!

Ashy hair color the matte dore colors of the ladies who love their shades, which occur after dyeing their hair, squeeze their lives. As a remedy for these dore colors, we should apply silver shampoo to our hair and wash it. As you know, the Turkish meaning of silver means silver. However, although the Turkish meaning is silver, the other name of silver shampoo is known as purple shampoo.

ashy hair

ashy hair

When we look at the color palettes, the color corresponding to the orange color is purple. Women who wear makeup know that the color against the orange color is purple. Women whose under-eye is purple are advised to use orange trimmer. To hide the bruise under our eyes.

In hair colors, this is contrasting. Dore color tonespurple shampoo to close (silver shampoo) recommended to use. Silver shampoo is generally used by women who love ashy hair colors, if they use it intensely, decolorization with oryal and to rule out orange hair colors. If your hair is completely white, a very nice area of use of silver shampoo, we can apply it to our hair to add a vitality to our hair. After coloring your hair to cold yellow-ashy hair shades maria-nila-sheer-mor you can use the shampoo. This purple shampoo covers the orange and red color you don't want in your hair. When you open the lid when buying silver shampoo, check its color and buy silver shampoo, which is not exactly purple color but bluish.

Silver shampoo curls the turners in our hair while at the same time it is done in care of our hair with pomegranate extracts in the content. It gives your hair a beautiful shine and shine. Also, the fact that this shampoo is purple definitely does not scare you, because there is absolutely no purple stain left. It also removes unwanted dyes from your scalp and hands.



How should I use Silver Shampoo?

We need to apply this beautiful product to our hair no more than 2 times a week. Apply the silver shampoo on your hair, foam it well and wash it after waiting for a maximum of 5-6 minutes.

If you have dyed your hair color close to dark yellow and dark yellow, apply it to your hair when you add a hair conditioner in certain proportions to the silver shampoo and get a color that plays blue. So it will make a more beautiful color closure.

The price of this silver shampoo varies according to the brand. This has a price of 250-400 TL for the product we mentioned to you. In addition to this product, we also recommend Oaplex silver shampoo. Let's come now silver shampoolet's see what they do in our gallery.

  1. eeliff says:

    If there is a natural henna on the sheet, it will affect the hair

  2. Marbling says:

    Color in black sheet.Is it easy to open or is it used after painting to yellow sheet color is black but I like platinum sheet color very much you advise me what to do

  3. Hatice tulay says:

    My dips white sequel have paint when I first painted it was dark brown now the color is turned on I'd be glad if you answer I can use silver shampoo