Yellow Hair Brown Hair Color Transition

  • 01 September 2023
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Yellow Hair Brown Hair Color Transition

Yellow Hair Brown Hair Color Transition

We will Try to Tell the Yellow Hair Color to Transition to Brown Hair Tones in a Detailed Way. Warm Tone Caramelized Coffee Loves Hair Color and Those Who Want to Have Yellow Hair and Switch to Coffee Tones!

There are dye nos that we will recommend to make yellow hair color tones in coffee tones paint application. But here is the necessary thing to know for sure; all kinds of paint to be applied on your blonde hair will be almost a ton more.

To tell you in more detail, choose the number of dye on your blonde hair as large as one; for example, when you choose the paint number 7.77, when you do the first paint process with 6.77, the result will be 7.77. But in 2 dyes and 3 dyes, paint can be applied with 7.77.

In the following examples, we have switched to a hair brown hair color in platinum-yellow hair color tones, you can find the photos below.

As footnote, there is also a star information, if your hair color tone is dark yellow, our result will be a much different one. If it is light yellow, it will be a different result. From here, the tone of the hair that we will apply dye is treated with the effect of the paint put in the container.

If the paint mixture is brown, it will be a color of brown tones. But the lightness and darkness of the hair varies according to the bottom color of the hair.

Rotation from yellow tones to brown tones 2017

Rotation from yellow tones to brown tones 

Footnote-1: We will perform the application with Matrix brand hair dye. When turning blonde hair brown, if the tone of our blonde hair is platinum yellow, if it is close with this color, it is possible that there are ashy reflections in some types of hair.

To prevent this situation, our advice is yellow hair brown hair when painting the color, we add some copper-brown paint to the mixture of our paint. This Movement will minimize possible ashy reflections.

6 As an example.W is a very stylish cool brown hair color tone but in terms of being warm 6.BC Copper brown hair color tone should be added. If you ask about the ratio, half a copper brown hair dye can be added to a tube of brown hair dye. (Detailed below, this copper coffee putting job will only be in the first paints)

If you are doing your first dyeing, do not add copper brown hair dye for your brown hair. The reason why you do not add black hair that will appear from your hair bottoms can unfortunately create redheads. We apply this prescription if dye is to be applied while transitioning from yellow hair color.Do not put copper brown hair color dye in 2 ci and 3 cu dyes. But if you put it, there is not much.

Transition from yellow hair color to coffee tones 2017

The transition from yellow hair color to coffee tones 

We're half 6 into our mix.Add W and close to it but less than 6.BC added more.

To tell you more, we added 6%, 20 volum, oxidation and mixed and rubbed it on blonde hair. After half an hour, your hair dye will hold and wash and rinse your hair with shampoo. As a result, we achieved a caramelized brown hair color tone.

2024 de Bakır kahve tonları da çok moda olacak saç renklerinden. Yellow hairif you are going to paint your bee for the first time, remember to add copper coffee paint.

Brown hair shades from the catalog of hair colors 2017 fashion

Brown hair shades from the catalog of hair colors 


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