Important Tips for Painting Copper Coffee Hair Color at Home

  • 11 August 2023
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Important Tips for Painting Copper Coffee Hair Color at Home

In this article, we have explained the important tricks of getting copper coffee by coloring hair color at home.

Copper-coffee hair colorwe'll try to get it. First of all, my friend who has this hair color coloring page has done some operations in these tones before, but the bottom paint has come and we see that the end parts of his hair are pale. We will dye the hair bottoms well and then we will do the dyeing process to copper coffee hair color once again.

2024 yılında epeyce bir kadında hayranlık uyandıran bu moda hair color it is the coolest, beautiful and warm hair color especially for white skin and brunette women.

The magic of brown and the hotness of copper color together will taste really striking inside of you.

Copper-coffee hair color when their shades are painted on the hair of middle-aged women, they can look 5 years younger than they are.

Bakır kahve saç rengi tonlarına yakın bakır kızılı saç rengi tonları da 2024 yılının da da kapsayacak şekilde favori saç renklerinden olacağa benziyor.

Let us examine how we can dye you copper coffee hair color.

  1. First, we will make a dip paint
  2. Secondly, the process of coloring all the ends of the hair will be.

First, we prepare our hair dye. We preferred the Matrix paint brand while painting process. Matrix-7.W+7.BC+6.We will apply BC hair color shades.

Matrix Hair Dye

Matrix Hair Dye

7 Because the hair color we will dye is dark.W and 7.We combine BC in equal measure, half of both.  We also add copper-coffee so that the bottom parts are not too reddish.

7.BC copper-coffee into 7.W we are adding. It will be half again. And then we make the mixture with 9% oxidant. We used 9% oxidant as we wanted the main hair color to break from the bottom of the hair.

Dip Paint Arrived Copper Coffee Dyeing Hair

Dip Paint Arrived Copper Coffee Dyeing Hair

As seen in the picture above, white hair is shown from the bottom. 7W and 7.We start to mix with 9% oxidant in BC and apply it to the bottom parts of the hair. But in this process, we will not move to the more extreme parts, just the bottoms. Another mixture will be made for the end parts of the hair.

Tips for Achieving Copper Coffee Hair Color

Tips for Achieving Copper Coffee Hair Color

After this dip dyeing process, we wait for 20 minutes and squeeze 6 BC Matrix hair color dye and add 6% oxidant and make the mixture. We apply this dye to our hair for a while from both the bottom and the end parts of the place where we do the dip dyeing process. When we are finished feeding 20 Minutes we wash our hair afterwards.

We did this copper coffee hair dyeing process and the whites were completely covered. The fading and color loss on our hair is gone and a warm color has formed. Copper coffee hair color looks really nice legend hair of colors.