Hair Selection Guide by Eye Color

  • 11 August 2023
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Hair Selection Guide by Eye Color

Hair, which is very important for the physical appearance of people, can be preferred in different colors. Usually natural hair coloralthough it is said that it is healthier, people who want to change themselves change their hair color. There are many points to be considered when choosing hair color. The first of these is to care for the hair enough. Hair that is not adequately cared for also has difficulty in retaining hair dye. There are many materials that can be preferred for hair care. The first of these materials are shampoos. Shampoos are used for hair cleansing rather than hair cleaning.


There are many shampoos for different hair types and hairstyles. In addition, natural soaps can be used instead of shampoo for hair cleaning. Natural soaps are suitable for both hair cleaning and hair care. The most preferred clay soap, sulphur soap and argan soap are suitable for hair. If we come to hair care, we can say: Hair mask, hair conditioner and hair serum are usually used for hair care. Hair mask and hair conditioner are also made in accordance with different hair types. Hair mask makes hair repaired and prevents hair fractures. It is used especially for dyed hair.

Hair conditioner makes the hair more comfortable to comb, more comfortable to take shape and more solid. The hair serum prevents the hair from being worn out and is used to restore the hair to its former strength. If hair care is done regularly with these care products, there is no harm in coloring the hair. When choosing hair color, care should be taken both whether it is regularly cared for and if it is suitable for face color. Apart from this, hair color selection is also made according to eye color. Two situations are aimed when choosing hair according to eye color. The first case is that the eye color and hair color are in harmony. It is thought that a more pleasant appearance will be obtained in this way. The second case is to bring the color of the eyes or hair to the fore. In this way, a different look is obtained.

The first eye color to be discussed in terms of hair selection according to eye color is the apple. People with hazel-colored eyes should also consider their skin color when choosing hair color. In this way, a more harmonious appearance can be provided. People with hazel-colored eyes can choose hair color in red shades. Red is a color that harmonizes with the hazel and causes the hazel color to look greener. For this reason, people with hazel eyes can easily use red hair.

Apart from that, light brown is also one of the colors that is much preferred. The light brown hair color preferred with the eye color allows a simple and stylish look. Another eye color that can be examined in this subject is green. Brunette hair color combined with green eye color usable. Light coffee shades and brown tones are hair colors that people with green eyes may prefer.

Apart from this, people with green eyes may also prefer the color of blonde hair. But instead of light colors like platinum color, dark yellow tones are a more accurate choice. These colors give a more natural appearance to the person by making the green eyes more foreground. When we come to hair colors that can be preferred with blue eye color, we can say: There is a mistake that people with blue eye color often make. This error is to choose hair colors from red shades and copper tones. It is possible to catch sharpness in the eyes by preferring darker hair instead of red tones and copper tones.

Especially colors such as black and dark brown are ideal hair colors that can be preferred with blue eyes. People who want to prefer blonde hair can add an ashy color to a softer appearance. Selection of hair according to eye color the last eye color to be mentioned is brown. People with brown eye color can prefer almost any hair color. Especially dark tones are more popular. Colors such as red, ashy tones can also be used easily. You can also use our article to learn about hair selection according to eye color.

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