Doğal Yollarla Saç Bakımı 2024

  • 11 August 2023
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Doğal Yollarla Saç Bakımı 2024

Hair Treatments in Natural Ways; hair lubrication with olive oil, make masks for hair, to shine hair, natural hair care cream, care recipes for hair loss and to prevent dandruff.

The first thing that will come to mind when it comes to hair is its cleaning and care. Our hair is clean and well-groomed it means the methods we apply to him. Our hair needs nutrition too. To make it look more beautiful, vivid and bright. Many people prefer to care for their hair in natural ways. Because it is obvious that other chemical products are more damaging to the hair. From the carelessness of her hair, she can not find the vitality, softness she wants? come along for our hair natural wayslet's find out what we can do.

What Can Be Done with Natural Ways to Care for Our Hair?

Hair Lubrication with Olive Oil

Lubricating hair in the care of our hair important. Intentional without lubrication of course Olive oil with. Let's massage our scalp and hair with olive oil. With this massage that we did to our hair, our hair was lubricated beautifully. We then wrap our hair with a damp warm towel. The wetness of the towel will be good for oily hair. It will speed up the absorption of your hair.

Shampooing Hair

Of course, we will need to wash our hair after the lubrication process. If you have used it natural shampoo you should wash your hair with plenty of water. The water you use when washing your hair is neither too cold nor too hot. Because in cold water, the oil of your hair will not be purified. In too hot, you will cause the oil to go away, which will nourish your hair. Rinse your hair with warm water.

After the shampooing process is finished the right hair conditioner for your hair use. Of course, how natural is so far from good chemicals. After rinsing your creamy hair, you will see the difference in your hair.

Making Masks for Hair

Masks are not just for the skin, of course many mask recipes in our hair there are of course. Care of hair it is necessary to apply hair masks. We can make ourselves at home in natural ways.

Mask recipes for our hair:

To brighten hair :

* 1 teaspoon honey

*4 cups of hot water

We mix water with honey. By the way, our hair should be clean. We apply this mixture to the ends of our hair. You cannot rinse the honey water that you apply to your hair again. Unstoppable shine in your hair you'll notice.

Natural hair conditioner:

* half cup honey

* half cup olive oil

We mix honey and olive oil in a container. We also feed the mixture we mix into our hair.Let us wrap it with a scarf or towel to cover our hair. Let's leave it on for thirty minutes and rinse our hair with a shampoo afterwards. Those with dry hair this cream, which is very natural for them, will be especially good for them. For non-dry hairyou can use it by putting less olive oil and preparing your hair care cream at home yourself.

To make the hair shiny and prevent dandruff in the hair:

*5 gr stinging nettle

*3 cups of water

We stew the stinging nettle we got from the transfer in hot water. We filter the stinging nettle you have boiled after it has cooled. We wash our newly washed clean hair with this blended water. After waiting for a while, we stand with water. It will make your hair brighter and also remove dandruff on the hair.

For hair not to fall out:

* 1 onion

* 2 teaspoons black seed oil

* 2 teaspoons castor oil

* 1 teaspoon of pine turpentine

We grate the onion and mix all the ingredients together. We apply the prepared mixture to the bottom areas of our hair once a week. We wrap our hair later with the help of a strec. We leave for half an hour and forty-five minutes and rinse our hair with warm water. Those whose hair falls out a good mixture is recommended for.

Conditioner to prevent hair breakage:

* 1 teaspoon of walnut oil

* 1 teaspoon of pepper flakes

* 1 teaspoon of flaxseed oil

* 1 egg yolk

* 2 teaspoons of rosemary oil

We mix all these ingredients in a container. We massage our hair and make it to sit on our hair for 15 - 20 minutes and grow our hair.


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